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this is basically for my own convenience at this point

A digital vault of useful resources, articles, and other tools and trinkets.

art resources


reference image repositories

These are essentially a large amount of reference images. Meant for gesture drawing and other exercises.




Artists who I believe give invaluable information with regards to the arts.
Some are specialized in different fields, and can contradict each other except for specific instances (ie. fundamentals), so take what works best for yourself.


general resources

general general links

articles regarding the Web


Minecraft Wiki for the different buttons in the home page.

This Minecraft Wireless Redstone Mod for the RSS button in the home page.

The site uses the font Helvetica Neue.

The site logo was made using Textcraft.

The site cursor is the old Maplestory cursor.

The Pandora's Box section has its own credits section (listed at the bottom of that page) if you're looking for specific things from there.

Besides the buttons of other Neocities sites, and the stuff listed above, the website's design, graphics, and artwork are all made by yours truly ๏ผˆ=ยดโˆ‡๏ฝ€=๏ผ‰

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