Why I'm Removing The Blog & Art Journal
and what to expect going forward

Author's Note: As of April 11th I've brought back the art journal, but the original blog probably isn't coming back. My life is too boring for that, I think.


Hi everyone. The title of this alone should get you up to speed.

This is something that I've thought for quite a while now, because as of writing this article, these sections of the website (that is, the blog and the art journal) feel redundant. The content feels like they could be borderline inside the writings page but at the same time it's too casual for me to have it in here.

For me personally, they just seem to be sections put in place for me to keep my site updated, but as a whole I don't think these sections in my site provide as much value to other people as I would like. Not like that "value" must be the end goal for everyone per se, but for me I think it's a core part of why I'm here in the first place. Other people can do whatever they want on their site, but for me I simply run out of things to say about my personal life. And really, there's very little of substance that warrants me to have a blog page when I can just update my writings page instead.

I don't particularly regret having them on here, but I want to have a separation of my life as a whole and what I think. My writings typically comprise of what I think, and that's enough for me to share. Most of what I say in the blog and the art journal feels like a whole lot of filler to me. And the things which are of substance that are in those sections might as well be here in the writings section instead.

I'm not going to stop writing stuff completely (including personal stuff), but as I had outlined in another article, having my thoughts all listed in chronological order, with an emphasis on the latest entry, leads everything in the past to be disregarded. I rarely look at past entries of blogs structured in that way, and it's because it's a lot of backlog to go through, and the content is highly contextual. At least with the structure that the writings page has right now, people can find something a bit more specific to their interests, rather than having to scroll through a lot of blog stuff.

With this change means that all of my thoughts will be placed inside the writings section. And because of that, not all of my writings are going to be so formal or structured. They will be a bit more structured in that there will be a title, or a general topic, but I won't be so hard on myself to make a grand masterpiece of an essay or whatever. It's basically having all of my thoughts neatly organized, as opposed to having them all placed in a feed in reverse chronological order. I think it's better to structure it in that way, so that every thought gets a chance to be seen, as opposed to having them all buried under newer entries, which I've always seen as a problem.

I won't be archiving these sections for the time being, though I'll have a copy of them both in the case where I want to archive them on this website or bring them back. We'll see, but I plan to make this change permanent.

So in summary: I will be removing two sections from the site (blog and art journal), but as a result all of my thoughts and writings will be going into this section, and said writings will be a bit more casual, but I'll still come out with some heavily structured stuff if I'm feeling up to it. Think of it as merging all of my writing sections (aside from the garden) into one singular section. Hopefully this way I won't feel so bad pushing out stuff that I think to be lacking substance, and all of the writings will have a fair amount of chances to be seen.

Until next time, cheers!

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