Pandora's Box
a.k.a the cutting room floor
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This is the part of the website where anything goes. Literally.
Think of these as minor sections that didn't deserve their own spot in the home page, or sections that are proof-of-concepts.
Each page onwards will have their own unique design, apart from the traditional theme of the rest of my site. Variety is the spice of life, after all.
(also because having the same theme for my entire site is boring as heckers.)

List of Lists - from artists I'm interested in, to music that I'm listening to.

Leftovers - an archive of old and now unused graphics/assets for this website.

Photography - when I don't want to draw in public (which is all of the time).

Productivity Toolbox - ideas for productivity systems (or ones that I currently use).

French Practice Blog - J'essaye d'ecrire en français (très désolé d'avance)

Botany - I draw and collect information of cool plants that I find (mostly from the Internet).


Taken from GifCities: