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[09.12.2021]   Confronting the Issue of Talent
[08.24.2021]   To Share or Not Share Your Art
[08.04.2021]   2018 Art Retrospective
[06.27.2021]   On Critique
[06.23.2021]   The Three Facets of Drawing Skill
[05.11.2021]   The Process of Improvement
[03.12.2021]   2020 Art Retrospective
[03.01.2021]   Grappling with Art Style
[02.25.2021]   Critical Adaptation of Advice
[02.21.2021]   Creation > Creator
[01.31.2021]   The Life-Changing Magic of Journaling
[01.20.2021]   Hard Lessons I Learned After "Wasting" 2000+ Hours


[12.31.2020]   My Website is a Personal Museum
[12.26.2020]   Create More, Consume Less
[12.21.2020]   Overthinking and Perfectionism
[12.12.2020]   Information Overconsumption
[12.05.2020]   Be wary of what other artists teach
[11.22.2020]   Facebook's tries to "revive" the Old Web
[11.18.2020]   Using references is not cheating
[11.13.2020]   Is there such a thing as "bad art"?
[11.11.2020]   Dealing with Ego and Pride
[11.05.2020]   Enthusiasm: Exceptionally Low
[10.02.2020]   Improvement Gaps and Plateaus
[08.09.2020]   When Artstyle is Used as an Excuse
[08.02.2020]   Social Media and Neocities
[07.31.2020]   A Reflection on Instagram as an Artist


[08.15.2019]   The Audience of Zero
[08.06.2019]   The Limits of Minimalism
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