it's harvest time!
nonfictional veggie tales

This is the place where I share casual to semi-formal nonfictional writings. This is also where the fruits of the digital garden go.

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My own writings which I personally like. I recommend reading these first if they interest you.

The Life-Changing Magic of Journaling
My Website is a Personal Museum
Create More, Consume Less
Is there such a thing as "bad art"?
A Reflection on Instagram as an Artist
The Audience of Zero

general topics

Some Real Talk With Regards To Sharing Stuff Online
The Process of Improvement
Critical Adaptation of Advice
Creation > Creator
Hard Lessons I Learned After "Wasting" 2000+ Hours
Information Overconsumption
Facebook tries to "revive" the Old Web
Social Media and Neocities
The Limits of Minimalism


On Critique
The Three Facets of Drawing Skill
2020 Art Retrospective
Grappling with Art Style
Be wary of what other artists teach
Using references is not cheating
Improvement Gaps and Plateaus
When Artstyle is Used as an Excuse


Overthinking and Perfectionism
Dealing with Ego and Pride
Enthusiasm: Exceptionally Low
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