the year of the 'rona pt. deux

Colour and rendering test.
April 13th

Trying to improve at drawing straight from memory/imagination.
Probably will be posting stuff like this in the gallery for the next few months while I get my painting act together by doing master studies.
April 8th

After-School Treats
April 7th

This is like the artist's right of passage: making a girl with wings.
Bonus points if it's in an anime style.
March 17th

I really struggled with this one, so I don't like the result very much. Will probably do a redraw in the future.
March 15th

I repainted an old 2018 digital abstract piece using acrylics.
(16" x 20" canvas)
March 2nd

I repainted one of my favourite 2018 pieces using acrylics.
(12" x 16" canvas)
February 23rd

January 16th

January 15th

January 13th

January 12th

I basically painted randomly until I saw a point where I could work from. This is the end result.
January 12th

January 11th

January 9th

I repainted an old Inktober 2017 piece.
January 4th

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