the year of the 'rona

An Art Retrospective for 2020

December 30th

December 16th

December 8th

December 8th

November 15th

Had a Bob Ross painting night with some family and friends.
This was my first time using acrylic paints.
October 17th

First original piece with Procreate.
September 5th

July 22nd

Repainted a very old 2017 digital piece.
July 21st

This was initially an abstract piece, but I started seeing some semblance of a landscape so I rolled with it.
July 18th

July 18th

July 11th

Created this for a "Draw This In Your Style" thing on Instagram.
July 9th

Painted a dream I had way back in 2018
July 9th

Tried a more impressionistic technique for painting. All I can really say is that it hurt my hand, oof.
July 5th

A bit more lax sketch.
June 30th

A repaint of an old Inktober 2017 entry.
June 27th

Starry Cloak
June 26th

June 21st

My first digital piece after a year hiatus.
(no artwork in 2019)
June 21st

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