the year of productivity

2018 was an absolute crazy year for my art. I was so motivated to improve that I created 30+ finished pieces, and nearly finished two sketchbooks in a matter of 3 months. I drew 6-10 hours a day everyday for the entire summer. It was entirely ridiculous and unsustainable, but I made a lot of progress.

Digitally coloured in a sketch from my sketchbook.
September 3rd

August 29th

Inspired by MapleStory's Angelic Buster
August 29th

August 27th

Red Sun
August 26th

Visualizing Music (3/3)
Listened to techno music for this piece.
August 22nd

Visualizing Music (2/3)
Listened to symphonic death metal for this piece.
August 22nd

Visualizing Music (1/3)
Listened to classical piano duet for this piece.
August 21st

August 21st

Painted with watercolour.
August 17th

Painted with watercolour.
August 16th

I applied random watercolour splotches and doodled on top. This was the result.
August 16th

Watercolour doodle
August 15th

August 8th

Morning Coffee
August 7th

August 3rd

Repainted a Inktober 2017 repaint (repaint-ception, huh)
July 29th

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